Interesting Rehab: 104 Federal St.

Owner Jonathan Reimer is in the middle of a somewhat complicated renovation of 104 Federal St., in Pennsport. The property is huge- it stretches between Federal St. and Manton St., and sits on a lot that measures 21.5′ x 120′. The current setup at the property is a three story house fronting Federal St. and a four car garage fronting Manton St.

Federal St. side
From Manton St.

According to the zoning application, Reimer is dividing the property into two separate parcels, with a duplex on the Federal St. side and a single-family home with parking on the Manton St. side. From the outside, the Federal St. side will remain more or less the same. The Manton St. side, however, will change dramatically with two additional stories of living space being added, along with a roof-top deck.

This development is notable because it seems to us that much of the construction in the immediate area is new construction and not renovation, and the new construction has tended to take place in large, multi-home projects. For example, a number of new homes have been built on the 100 blocks of Alter and Ellsworth St. in recent years, and eight garage-front row homes were constructed right across the street just a couple of years ago.

Not so exciting looking, but popular

We don’t know whether the three units at 104 Federal St. will be condos or rentals when they’re ultimately completed. One thing we do know, however: whoever lives there will have the terrible/wonderful problem of very close proximity to the brand-new Federal Donuts.

Hey, that should make it super easy to rent or sell ’em.