Homes Coming to Abandoned Pennsport Foundations

It was over three years ago that we first brought the north side of the 100 block block of Alter Street to your attention, but the stalled construction has been bogging down the block for almost a decade. From what we can tell, the Stein & Silverman Family Partnership started work on three homes here in 2004 or 2005 after building two homes next door on Front Street. They cleared the lot, put in foundations, and then did absolutely nothing. As the years have rolled along, the lots have alternately been overgrown and strewn with garbage and then cleaned up by neighbors and/or owners. Also, the entire south side of the block has filled in with new construction, as we've detailed.

But there's good news on Alter Street. Finally, it seems these lots are going to be developed, as the owners have sold the lots to new developers. We passed by the other day and spotted the early stages of construction.

Construction seems to be starting

Not only is construction underway, but the three homes are already listed for sale. 103 Alter St. is available for $599K, 105 Alter St. can be yours for $625K, and 107 Alter St. is a steal at $700K. The first two homes will have three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and two half-baths. The last home, which will be long and skinny, will feature four bedrooms, three full bathrooms, and one half-bath. Check out these black and white elevations from Landmark Architectural Design along with a hand-drawn site plan.

Elevations drawings

Project site plan

These homes will not only join the collection of newer homes on Alter Street, but they'll also rise alongside the new homes under construction across the street on Washington Avenue.

New homes under construction across the street

Surely, the folks who have been living across from the stalled construction for a long time are super stoked to see progress at last. With unique footprints and street-to-street frontage, we suspect the homes will intrigue potential buyers. On the other hand, the homes will front Washington Avenue on one side, which some might see as a downer. Once this thing is done, the transformation of this block will finally be complete. And then it's on to the next thing in Pennsport, wherever that may be.