Hole in the Ground Near Dickinson Square Park

Over the years, we've spotted a collection of one or two-off projects in the area near Dickinson Square Park. Not only does this wave of development correspond with the recent renovation of the park, but it's also revved up considerably since vegan cafe Grindcore House opened a few years back. But despite the progress in the area, there are still several vacant lots to be found. But thanks to an eagle-eyed reader, we can tell you today that one lot is now gone and two more will soon follow.

Grindcore House

Lots across the street in the past

For years, 1516-20 S. 4th St. have sat vacant and overgrown, surrounded by a wooden fence. Last year, Waksard Partners bought the trio for a handsome sum of $237K. Last week, they started work on house number one.

A new hole

All three homes are currently listed for sale. The corner boasts over 2,600 sqft of living space with three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and parking. It's listed just below $425K. The two interior homes have similar specs but without the parking (and fewer windows, natch). Those are listed for just under $400K.

Considering the proximity to the park and the easy walk to Pennsport, the fact that the lots have remained vacant for so long is frankly more shocking than those prices. We'll certainly be interested to see what the finished product looks like, with the homes projected to finished at the end of May.

Ah, just thinking about May warms us up just a wee bit. We're kinda sick of shoveling by now. What's that groundhog know, anyway?