Former Mount Sinai Getting Demolished

Over the summer, we visited the Mount Sinai Hospital site at 4th & Reed and speculated that development was finally on the way after years of vacancy and several proposals that never came to pass. In contrast to earlier plans from other developers, the Concordia Group was looking to demolish the empty hospital and replace it with 95 new homes, all with parking. With two visits to CDR and multiple community meetings, we were optimistic that the project was happening but a little wary, considering the history of the site. For a better idea of the plan, here's a site plan and a rendering of the project from architects Barton Partners.

Project site plan

Rendering at 4th & Reed

We still can't promise that the homes are getting built, but we're extremely confident that the existing building is getting demolished. This confidence stems from the fact that we've seen it with our own eyes. Here, check out these images:

View at 4th & Reed

Demolition on the southern side of the site

You can see, the developers have done some interior demolition inside the large building and they've largely eliminated a one-story building to the south. If you get a morbid kick out of watching a building come down, we suggest visiting the site sooner than later, as it should be really interesting to see the larger building come down.

Considering that the hospital closed almost twenty years ago, it's encouraging to see that something is finally happening here. There's a part of us that wishes that the final plan would have involved the reuse of the old building, but there's another part of us that's just relieved that this long-fallow block will again bloom with activity. What do you think of the plan? Will you be sad to see the hospital come down? Or are you just happy for progress of any kind?