Demolition, Not Renovation For Shell Near 6th & Washington

Over a year ago, we first told you about plans for the renovation of 1107 S. 6th St., a double-wide husk of a building that sat directly to the south of a recently built dentist’s office and in between two large Asian shopping centers. Plans at the time were for a fourth-floor addition to the building with four apartments and a restaurant on the first floor. Despite these plans, the building sat untouched, and it remained a blighting influence on its surroundings.

In the past

Some time recently, the owners of the building began demolishing the building, seemingly rendering the previous zoning application (and approval) rather moot. Check it out:

Mostly gone
View from the south shows the mostly demoed building and the still newish building next door

A new zoning application was scheduled to be heard by the ZBA last week, but was continued. The request is actually quite similar to the previously approved permit, but reflects new construction instead of an addition to an existing building, and describes a vacant commercial space, eliminating specifics about a restaurant.

Even if it takes a couple more years for the property owners to move forward with a project at this site, we’re glad that they’ve either decided or been compelled to demolish their vacant building. How this building was permitted to remain in this deplorable condition for so many years, we wish we knew. Thankfully, near neighbors and frequent shoppers won’t have to look at it for much longer.