Pennsport is a great place to live. It's a walkable neighborhood, it's close to Center City, near the river, has easy access to the highway, and Target is but a stone's throw away. Perhaps that's why developers have descended upon this neighborhood of late, snapping up medium-sized parcels and building a bunch of homes at a time. At 2nd & Reed, six homes have appeared. At 3rd & Reed, a bundle of homes are slowly going up, replacing a church. At 2nd & Wharton, the southwest corner saw four new homes a few years ago and eleven new homes more recently. And there are more projects in the area, we assure you.

Homes on the southwest corner

Homes on the southeast corner

Just to the east of the homes pictured above, another project is just getting underway. We told you about plans to demolish an old warehouse at the corner of Hancock & Wharton earlier this year, and that demolition effort is now in full swing.

New homes, demolition in the background

Warehouse is coming down

As we told you previously, this will soon be the site of five new homes, each with two-car parking. When we first brought the project to your attention, we said that we saw no reason to preserve the old warehouse, and that the project seemed perfectly reasonable to us. Seems the ZBA agreed.

In the past. No loss here.

A commenter indicated that it's the same developers as next door, and that the homes will look just like their neighbors to the west. Personally, we'd rather see a slightly different look, as sixteen homes that all look the same are a little boring to the eye. But we'll reserve judgement until construction gets moving, and hope that the architects are at least offering some slight variation from one project to the next. On the other hand, the homogeneity doesn't seem to be bugging the buyers one bit.