Construction is Stirring at 2nd and Ellsworth

A few months back, we told you about 1107 S 2nd St., a mixed-use building that was on the way on a stretch of 2nd Street that was notable for new construction houses as well as stalled construction. Take a look at the site back in February, as a new foundation was being dug among vacant lots previously prepped for foundations.

In the past

In the months since, the building has risen at this location, and we suspect that Next Salon will be moving into the retail space in a matter of months. Meanwhile, the dormant construction site next door has finally showed signs of life in the past couple of weeks.

Future salon at sunset. Plus, new framing!

The three foundations off the corner have been completed, and are now slabs ready for new homes. We don’t see anything reflected in public record to indicate that City Suburban Development, the company that built the other homes on the north side of the 100 block of Ellsworth Street, are not still the owners of these three lots. We’re guessing that the economics are finally in order to build the last three homes on this block, or else another developer has swooped in but the deed hasn’t been recorded yet.

Closer look at the framing
View from Ellsworth St.

One thing that was striking- this new home appears to be about six feet less deep than the homes next door. As a result, the first floor will have a garage and a mostly useless rear room that will mostly serve as access to the rear yard. From a layout perspective, you’d have to wonder just how limiting that will be for potential buyers. We’ll just have to wait and see…