Change Coming to Front Street in Pennsport?

Last week, we told you about a probable new development coming to the 200 block of Tasker Street replacing an auto shop. We also covered a missed development opportunity across the street, where only two homes will apparently be rising on an 11K sqft lot. Today, we will speculate about another potential development location in Pennsport, this time on Front Street.

Warehouse "available"

Plus lot next door

1420 S. Front St. has surely had these signs posted for some time, but we just noticed them last week. The "For Sale By Owner" signs recommend looking for the property on Craigslist, but there are no listings to be found. A name and contact number are provided as well. When we reached out these folks, we learned that the properties pictured above are still indeed available at the low, low price of $2.75M. For a lot that's nearly 13,000 sqft in size, that's not an entirely crazy number, but it would still have to come down considerably before a workable residential project could develop here. Eight homes would fit quite easily, but you'd need at least twice as many homes to make the numbers work at that acquisition price.

Still, we hope that sometime soon this parcel turns over and new homes rise here. With the number of larger residential projects that have come down this pike in this neighborhood in the last few years, and with prices touching half a million, another collection of new homes would fit right in. When it will happen though, is anybody's guess at this point. Want to see it happen sooner? Make an offer!