Who Wants to Be Crowned the New King of Jeans?

1843-45 E. Passyunk Ave., the building that has held the King of Jeans for many years, is on the market for $800K. The current owner, Izak Farbiarz, paid his taxes in 2011 but neglected to do so in 2008-10, meaning the property is currently tax delinquent for about $11K. The listing describes three floors of an open floor plan and a fourth floor loft space. We don’t know exactly what that means, but suffice to say that this building is a nice size, since the listing claims 10,000 interior sqft.

Close to the bottom of bustling East Passyunk, with shops, bars, and restaurants in both directions, we would think that this place could turn into a happening spot some day soon. Two problems: The price seems high and the building is very unique and not necessarily in a good way. Perhaps because of its position on a diagonal street, close to the corner of an east-west street, this building sits on an unusual triangular lot. The building is at its widest where it faces the Avenue, but shrinks down at a harsh angle as the building goes back. For a creative developer, this will not be a problem, but it certainly limits possible future uses.

We imagine that it will stay on the market for quite some time unless the owner reduces the price. Whoever it is that someday calls this building home, we’re just hoping that they keep the cartoon. It’s just too good to see it go.

Mwah! Buy some jeans! Or at least put something else on, you can't leave the house looking like that!

Not that there’s so much more information to give, but you can see the listing here.