Two Homes Planned Near Passyunk Avenue

It's not too often that we get to tell you about new construction homes coming to Passyunk Square. In other neighborhoods, like Point Breeze or Francisville, plentiful vacant land encourages rampant residential development. But Passyunk Square doesn't have so much vacant land, so much of the development in the neighborhood involves demolition and rebuilding, like the site of the old Armory building, or renovation of existing buildings like the work of PARC on Passyunk Avenue. But every now and then, we come upon some vacant lots in the neighborhood, like those at 1108 Greenwich St., which should soon get redeveloped.

The lots

Earlier this month, developers appeared before the Passyunk Avenue Civic Association to present plans for two homes with parking. According to the PSCA website, the community voted not to oppose the project. Once the homes are built, it will fill in a gap on an adorable block that flows directly into Passyunk Avenue. 

We want to live here

We've actually visited this block somewhat recently. The building at the end of the block, where it hits the Avenue, will soon be home to Brigantessa, speaking of buildings getting renovated by PARC. Next door to that building is a warehouse that was renovated in the last few years and some other relatively new homes.

Brigantessa still under construction, next to renovated warehouse

It just goes to show you that even in Passyunk Square, some blocks have changed pretty significantly in the last several years. And they will continue to change moving forward.