Home(s) For Sale, Beautiful Gas Station Views

Last year, we told you about a confusing building under construction at 1233 S Broad St., covering up a mural of “zombie” Frank Sinatra and immediately next door to a Lukoil station. Here’s a shot of the building under construction:

Last year
Still see Frank's head

Three condo units have been on the market for a couple of months, with the top floor unit listed at $315K, the middle unit listed at $305K, and the ground floor commercial condo listed at $275K. While a commercial space next door to the gas station could work in theory (but not for $275K!), we’re not sure that the developer is going to have any luck selling the residential condos either. Consider that on one side, these apartments have the aforementioned gas station, and on the other side is a vacant armory building that’s literally crumbling from the inside out. Step right up, folks!

Another new building!

The developer of the three story condo building, it turns out, loves building next to this gas station. A reader gave us the heads up that a three story, new construction home has risen at 1335 Titan St., a formerly empty lot at the end of a narrow, dead-end street. Built by the same developer, it sat on the market for months and was last listed for sale in February for $289K. Shock of shocks, it appears to have gone rental.

From Titan St., inhale deeply.

Pretty clear lesson here, folks: Nobody wants to live next door to a gas station!

And now you know.