Garage Turned Triplex in South Philly

We were out and about in South Philly and noticed an addition being built at the corner of Juniper and Wharton Sts., on top of a sizable garage.

In the past
Present view
A view of the front of the building

You’ll notice that the garage door in the front of the building has been transformed into two windows, and the height of the original structure has been reduced by a couple of feet. A second story is being framed out and we learned that a third story is on the way. A roof deck, too.

1324 Wharton St. will be a three story, three unit building when all is said and done. Surrounded by mostly older homes on Wharton St. and mostly garages and warehouse-type buildings on Juniper St., it’s encouraging to see this kind of development on this corner. We wonder whether some of the Juniper St. property owners will consider selling or redeveloping their properties, with 1324 Wharton St. setting an example of the possibility for better use. While a series of new three-unit buildings doesn’t necessarily seem like the way to go, replacing one-story garages with single-family homes and duplexes would really add to the energy of this area.

And with a reincarnated Boot & Saddle on the horizon just a couple of blocks away, some new energy might be just what the doctor ordered.