Development Opportunity at 6th & Dickinson?

A reader checked in recently, wondering about 1426-30 S. 6th St., the former home of Meglio Fresh Foods. Apparently, this business moved from the corner of 6th & Wilder to deep South Philly a couple of years ago, leaving these buildings empty for the time being.

Three buildings

With a footprint of 52’x70′, this site offers potential developers a few different options. The existing buildings could be preserved, with some other small manufacturer taking over the property and using it more or less as is. Alternately, the buildings could be demolished, with three new construction homes built fronting 6th Street, which could be used as duplexes or triplexes, depending on community support. Also possible would be five single family homes fronting Wilder Street, each 14′ wide.

Closer look at the corner property

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like these properties are for sale at the moment. We honestly can’t even figure out how much the owners could realistically get for the three parcels on the open market. According to the AVI Tax Calculator, the properties are worth $129K, though we’re guessing the owners would have hopes for a higher price should they ever look to sell.

In the meantime, neighbors will have to continue to look at this vacant complex, until the owners finally decide to take the plunge and sell.