We don't usually rush to tell you about individual listings, and it hardly ever happens for properties that aren't listed by the company that owns this site. But when a colleague passed along the listing for 1010 Tasker St. the other day, we felt compelled to blast the listing far and wide.

1010 Tasker St.

Looking west on the block

From the outside, 1010 Tasker St. looks like a normal South Philly home on a normal South Philly block. A bonus, it's less than a block from Passyunk Avenue, which actually makes it even more desirable. According to the listing, the home has three bedrooms, one full bathroom, two half bathrooms, and about 1,500 sqft of living space.

The photos from the listing, showing the inside of the house, are just amazing.

Your perfect living room

Sentry on the 2nd floor

A bedroom with some trophies that wouldn't fit anywhere else

Gotta love this powder room

Clearly, the owners of the property, living there since 1973, have an appreciation for taxidermy.

The asking price is $399K. No word on whether the hunting trophies come with the home.