PPA Does Something Right: 1,500 New Bike Racks

Finally, a reason to love the Philadelphia Parking Authority! Up to 1,500 bike racks are being installed this week as an effort to re-use the parking meters replaced by Kiosks last year. The 500 block of Race Street was getting their meter makeover this morning, while other PPA members are prepping the 300 block of Race and Front Street down to Arch. “We just finished up Chestnut, Walnut and South Street, now moving to Old City,” said Dan Merriman from the PPA. “We had some construction issues at first, but they’re mostly solved now.”

Sarah Clark Stuart, director of education at the Bicycle Coalition explained that the City and PPA’s effort to recycle street infrastructure (like turning old meter poles into new bike racks) is very important and timely; it helps make a significant dent in the demand for bike parking that exists today. More visible bike parking available on the street encourages more people to use their bike, especially for short trips to restaurants, errands and appointments downtown or around the neighborhood.¬†We couldn’t agree more. Let’s do 1,500 more every season!