Peru Comes to Old City via Inka’s Hands

Peruvian native Norka Zumaeta opened Inka’s Hands last week at 138 N. Third Street in Old City. The vibrant shop boasts high quality handmade sculptures, wall art and jewelry, all of which are mostly imported from the design community she works with in Peru and Columbia.Zumaeta’s move to Philadelphia was originally to be with her husband, Dr. Alan Kagel, but she stumbled upon the artistic community of Old City and was inspired to open a second shop as an extension of her Peruvian culture. She hopes that her new place will offer her customers and friends ayny, a Peruvian term for sharing love, peace and harmony. Zumaeta describes her experience opening the shop in Old City as ‘”magical: and she’s already developed loyal customers who admire the Incan culture.

Inka’s Hands will feature local artist’s monthly, as well as open as an event space for artistic gatherings. Its grand opening event will conveniently be happening during this upcoming First Friday, on June 3 told at 5pm.