New Units on Front Street Will Have Legit River Views

The 300 block of N. Front Street is an interesting one. If you start in South Philly, this is the first block of Front Street that runs to the east of I-95, which means it's the first block of Front Street with unfettered access to the waterfront. It's got its old cobblestones mostly intact, like several other nearby blocks of Front and unlike the 800 block of Leithgow Street. A poultry slaughterhouse makes its home on the block. And perhaps surprisingly, it's home to a few vacant lots.

343 N. Front St. in the past

The vacant lot pictured above though, is no longer vacant. Developers bought 343 N. Front St. last year and now it's an active construction site. Those same developers also have purchased the one-story garage pictured next door, and they're building there too.

Two buildings getting framed

Close to the water

Both structures are triplexes, a play that seems to make sense here. We would have to imagine that the units will be sold off as condos, with proximity to the Delaware River as a strong selling point. Also, Dave & Buster's, Morgan's Pier, Race Street Harbor Park, and the revived Fringe Arts building are all within a couple of blocks. Best of all, in contrast to several projects we've covered of late in the vicinity of the warefront, these units won't have to deal with I-95 as a barrier. The highway will, however, be something of a barrier in terms of getting to Center City, though the Race Street Connector will class up that walk at least a little bit.

What would you prefer? I-95 as a barrier to the waterfront? Or having the highway between your house and Center City?