Another Old City Parking Lot is Getting Redeveloped

In recent months, we've told you about a few Old City surface parking lots going the way of the dinosaurs, getting replaced with mansions. On Arch Street and Church Street, construction is well underway. On Race Street, another project should get moving pretty soon. Recently, a thread on Philadelphia Speaks alerted us to another surface parking lot in the neighborhood that's on the outs, this time at Front & Race.

Future development site

This site is tucked away, with the Fireman's Hall Museum to the west and I-95 immediately to the east. Fortunately, a big wall blocks out sound and views of the highway (until you get to the roof deck at least). To the south is a condo building that we've told you about before, built on a lot that previously looked pretty bad.

The highway is across the street

Plans have been in the works for this parcel for awhile now, but new owners recently stepped in, accelerating the process. According to permits pulled just a couple of days ago, there are plans for ten homes on this parcel, with nine of them connected and one standing by itself. All will have associated parking. And while we're always happy to see a vacant lot disappear, we do wish that the developers were going with more density at this location. With zoning for mixed-use commercial but no commercial requirement (like that property at Broad & Fitzwater), the developers are able to do this project by right. 

What do you think? Are homes the way to go here? Or would a taller building with ground floor commercial be the better choice? Bear in mind, this location sits adjacent to the Race Street Connector, and just a block from the wonderful Race Street Pier.