3rd & Market in a State of Flux

It wasn't so long ago that the 3rd & Market intersection had the same campy look it had possessed for years. On the northeast corner was the gaudy Shirt Corner. And the slightly less gaudy but still ridiculous Suit Corner held down the southwest corner. And we liked it that way, thank you very much.

Former Shirt Corner, northeast corner

Former Suit Corner, southwest corner

But what a difference we see today. Suit Corner closed, and was purchased by Alterra with an eye toward redevelopment. Originally, the developers planned to reuse many of the historic buildings that once held the store, but structural flaws made reuse impossible and resulted in the demolition of the properties. Now, one story of steel has been framed in anticipation of a building with apartments and a first floor CVS. We're all for added density and admit that this is a higher and better use here, but the loss of character definitely bums us out.

Construction on the northeast corner

Future look of northeast corner, more or less

Meanwhile, a fire at Suit Corner resulted in its demolition as well. That lot is now sitting vacant, apparently for sale. We tried to find out pricing info, but couldn't find it anywhere and couldn't get in touch with the realtor on the sign. For a 1,760 sqft corner lot at this location, we would imagine the price will be pretty high. But the opportunity for redevelopment is outstanding so somebody is sure to step up to the plate. Still, it's pretty much a guarantee that it won't look as cool as the buildings we lost.

Southwest corner, current view

But such is life in the big city. Things change and evolve, buildings and businesses come and go. Speaking of which, if you're looking for Suit Corner, perhaps for a suit for the High Holidays, they've moved to 630 Market St., to a much less interesting looking space.

Relocated Suit Corner

But oh, will the rabbi be impressed!