On the up-and-coming 1100 block of North Hope St., two more parcels will soon join numerous other properties currently being redeveloped. In January, NLNA gave their support to the construction of two single family homes at 1140-42 N. Hope St., each with four bedrooms and two bathrooms.

The lots

According to public record, these lots have been owned by the City of Philadelphia since the 1980’s. From what we can tell, the developer is still in the process of purchasing these lots from the city, for a price of $25K per lot. Sure, these lots are pretty small, each measuring 560 sqft, but that’s still a pretty wonderful price, considering the location.

To be honest, the location has both pluses and minuses. On the one hand, the Residences at H3, which we last mentioned a couple of months ago, are immediately to the south of these two lots. Progress on this project has been pretty impressive since we last checked in, by the way.

Looking south, from the lots

The other side of the development, on Howard St.

The southern end, on Hancock Street. These were foundations two months ago.

Looking west on Hancock Street. Superfresh building is in the distance, on the left.

On the other hand, the two new homes that will be built on Hope St. will still suffer the same unfortunate handicap as the H3 project. The blighted warehouses on the eastern side of Hope St. somehow look even worse than they did two months ago. When will owners Tower Investments and John Galdo do something about these scary and disgusting buildings? We imagine the developers are wondering the same thing…


Let’s hope this gets cleaned up sooner rather than later, huh?