You may have heard of Devnuts but not have quite totally grasped what it is. A thing? A place? Maybe even a character from some action film? Let us clarify: Devnuts is a collaborative workspace, located in Northern Liberties at 908 N. Third Street, where freelance graphic designers, bloggers, hackers (yes, hackers), technology geeks, writers, future CEOs and Mark Zuckerbergs come to talk of taking over the world. These are the kids that had their semester’s work done in one week or were too smart to finish college because they were working on their master plan. (Kanye?) The space hosts the likes of Little Giant Media, Jarvus Innovations, Babylon Cartel, Anmlhse, FiS, Donaghy and Grand Round Table, a hub for developers and freelancers alike. The owners of Devnuts, Chris Alfano and John Fazio, said they chose this open loft-like address because it had character, transparency, and, most of all, enough space for the growing the company (originally the room was home to just the owners, interns and their account manager, Matt Monihan, but recently has grown to include nearly 10 individual and freelance businesses). Alfano and Fazio decided to sign their lease with Tower Investments because they liked that Northern Liberties was becoming a booming space for a creative community with a lot of freelance and grassroots artists moving into the area. Northern Liberties is the perfect spot for Devnuts, as the plethora of coffee shops in the area should be able to fuel their mad science. —-Kimberly Anderson