We were grabbing some delicious donuts on the edge of Northern Liberties the other day, and noticed that a building is coming down near 7th & Brown. We can't claim to know much about the building's history, but it appears it was once part of Northern Liberties Hospital, which years ago merged with Einstein. Oddly, the L&I Map still seems to think the hospital campus is in active use.

Not so much

A little up from the corner, an old building at 808 N. 7th St. is coming down. Permits pulled confirm what we saw in person.

Corner of 7th & Brown


From what we can tell looking at public record, the property was purchased by the Ukrainian Catholic Archdiocese back in 2011. It's unclear whether the Church has plans to build a religious building here, develop it for housing, or flip it to developers. Has anyone in the neighborhood heard anything about what's happening here? Can anyone confirm whether it's indeed the Church that's doing the demolishing here?

Whatever comes next, we're just upset that it's coming at the expense of a good looking old building with history.

View from the north

We'll be interested to find out exactly what's happening here, and will be sure to pass along any info as we hear anything.