We were driving across town on Poplar Street the other day and almost crashed the car when the Young Scholars Charter School came into view. This school operates out of old industrial building at 900 N. Marshall St., and the school painted the building grey when they opened their doors several years ago. It certainly wasn’t the most exciting edifice in town, but it served its purpose. Hooray for utility!

Charter Old
In the past

Clearly it doesn’t look like this anymore. We drove past the school countless times over the years but it never gave us pause until last week. Why, you may ask? It’s not the zoning notice posted on the building, which is related to the school’s recent expansion. No, it’s got everything to do with the school’s recent paint job. In short, it looks like the best known Swedish furniture store in the world.

Current view
View from the east

Hey, we get it. The school colors are blue and yellow and they even included an image of the school logo on the facade to drive things home for those of us that weren’t aware. Be that as it may, we still have to think that someone will show up at the school one day, in search of a Malm or a Poang, only to leave incredibly disappointed. Good thing the South Philly Ikea is only 4.6 miles away!