Last March, we told you about two homes replacing two vacant lots at 949-51 N. Lawrence St., in Northern Liberties. Typically, when we share info about projects like this, we expect them to be in the ground a couple of months later, with framing after that, and the homes going on the market posthaste. In this case, it seems that the process is moving a little more deliberately.

Almost a year ago

The process is moving along, but slowly.

Current view

As you can see, foundations have been poured for these two homes, which will eventually be three stories high and will have garage parking out front. Looking at the building permit, which was only issued a couple of months ago (and modified this month), we’d guess that the construction process started fairly recently, and wonder what was the holdup.

Homes to the south

We haven’t seen renderings of this project, being constructed by Integrity Building Group, but we’re guessing that the homes won’t look like the immediately adjacent properties. The developer does mostly suburban work, if you look at their website, but they’ve also done a couple of projects in this neighborhood, so they ostensibly know the drill. And with plenty of new construction and renovation in the area, we imagine that the homes will sell quickly, no matter what they look like (within reason of course).

Home across the street that was recently rehabbed, dude walking his dog giving us a creepy look

Hopefully, the delays are finished for this project, and the homes will go up quickly. Eh, and sell quickly too.