Back in October, we told you about plans for twenty new homes at 1102 Hope St., on one of the few remaining rough patches in Northern Liberties. In the intervening months, considerable construction activity has taken place at this site and these homes are going up fairly quickly. Here are some photos of the construction from a few days ago.

Looking north

A closer look. Lots of foundations and some framed homes in the background

An even closer look. It seems that a few existing homes are right in the middle of this development

View from Howard St., looking at the fronts of the framed homes

And some more homes, which are probably framed out by now

JKR Partners, the architects for this project, passed along some specifics.

The project is called H3 because it sits in between Hope St., Howard St., and Hancock St., three streets that begin with the letter H. When completed, the project will consist of twenty residences in eighteen buildings, with two duplexes to go with sixteen single family homes. The units will range from 1,440 to 2,500 sqft and each will have a parking space. The unit prices will range between $400 – $600K. Included in the development is a common green space/pocket park that will help with stormwater management.

The renderings for this project are sharp. These homes will fit right in with the Northern Liberties style of unique and non-traditional architectural design. When they’re done, the homes should be striking.

Site plan. North is to the right

Zoomed in site plan

3D Rendering. Really something different.

Rendering of the green space

In general, this project seems like a slam dunk and the units should be in extremely high demand. There’s just one little hangup: the disaster area directly to the east of the development.

This is the view from the future parking area

Across the street to the east, blighted former warehouses look both dangerous and terrifying. One of the properties is owned by Tower Investments, and the other is owned by a gentleman named John Galdo. Until those properties are cleaned up or at least triaged, H3 is going to have a tough time meeting its potential.

We’ll keep a lookout and be sure to provide an update if anything changes.