We were in the neighborhood yesterday, and snapped some photos just north of 4th and Brown Sts. after enjoying a tasty beverage from One Shot Coffee.

Two new homes on the way

Last summer, we told you about Four Squared at 817-23 N 4th St., from Ward Properties. At the time, two of the four homes in this development were completed, and one had sold for $775K. In January, the second home sold, and right around the same time, the developer broke ground on the second pair of homes. At the moment, both homes appear to be under contract for $749K. Once the last two homes are completed, the Four Squared name will correctly apply, and our hilarious ‘Two by Four’ moniker will be out the window. On the plus side, a large, vacant, and desirable parcel has been developed, which is certainly great news for the neighborhood.

Progress, finally

Meanwhile, across the street, work appears to have restarted at 808 N 4th St., after some months of dormancy. A stone facade seems to be in the process of going up, and windows have been installed since we last checked on this project back in the summer. From what we can gather from the zoning application for this project, it will include a first floor commercial space as well as as least three residential units.

With all of this going on at 4th and Brown Sts., it seems like we’ll have to keep a closer eye on 21st and South Sts.- It seems like where there’s a Honey’s, there’s a huge eruption of development.

Mmm… brunch…