Months ago, we told you that developers had gone before NLNA with a proposal for 11 new homes at Front & Poplar, on a lot that sits between the Penn Treaty Village PENNTHOUSES and I-95. At the time, we wondered whether this development would ever get off the ground due to the challenging location, but expressed some optimism due to the momentum in the area thanks to the Penn Treaty Village development.

Well, it seems that our optimism was appropriate, as the project is very much underway.

In the past

Recent shot

As you can see, about half of the homes are framed out, with two already framed out to three stories. Foundations have been poured for the rest of the homes in the development, which we’re guessing will be constructed once the first round of homes sell.

Foundations and I-95

Looking south

Hopefully, this project will be a huge success, and will inspire other developers to pursue efforts on this less-than-ideal stretch of Front Street. Thinking about it, with the upcoming expansion of Penn Treaty Village just a couple of blocks away, Front Street might be heating up before we know it.