Olive St., a small side street between Brown St. and Fairmount Ave., is easy to miss, only running between 4th and 5th Sts. before picking up again in Francisville. Though it’s a fairly narrow street, the presence of a surface parking lot on almost the entire north side of the block makes it feel more wide open than you might expect. And with its extremely close proximity to Honey’s Sit ‘n Eat, it’s a fairly desirable block, especially if you enjoy delicious brunch.

According to a Zoning Application, two duplexes are on the way at 410-12 Olive St.

Future homes

The homes will be quite tall, rising nearly 50 feet into the air, and will each have two-car parking, roof decks, and patios. In each building, unit 1 will take up the second floor, while unit 2 will take up the third and fourth floors. This project has been in the works for months now, and finally appears to be close to breaking ground.

One thing that we noticed when we snapped our picture of the lots is the interesting building next door.

Definitely unusual

Interesting details

Does anyone know anything about the history of this building? Adaptive reuse or eclectic construction? How long has this thing been here?

Hopefully, the new duplexes next door won’t take away from the unique look of this building, but will only add to the architectural diversity of this little block.