Back in September of 2012, we told you about plans for five homes at the corner of 3rd & George and detailed how the developers met with neighbors and the NLNA a number of times to hammer out a project that would work for everyone. By the spring of 2014, the site remained unchanged, and we sort of assumed that the project had fallen through. But we spied a shred of a zoning notice and discovered that the developers had come back to the community yet again and finally got approval from the ZBA earlier that year. But still nothing happened, and the property continued to look like this:

In the past

This ugly, one-story garage was demolished at some point in the last couple of months so we assumed that the project was finally lurching forward. And when we passed by the property the other day, we became quite sure that new homes will soon rise here. New foundations fill us with that sort of confidence.

View at 3rd & George

View at Galloway & George

As we told you previously, the plans call for five homes here, with three on 3rd Street and two on Galloway Street. There will be parking for each home, accessed through a drive-aisle on George Street. A sign on the site tells us that the design hasn't changed much since the project first came up a few years ago.

Sign on the site

With a project like this, we'd expect a cheesy name like Galloway Commons or Five On George, or something like that. It's refreshing to see a project called exactly what it is, 3rd And George Townhomes. Sure, it takes some imagination out of the equation. But we appreciate seeing a literal description for a change. And we're likewise happy to see this project is finally getting built.