Remember the 800 block of N. Leithgow Street in Northern Liberties? A few years back, we visited this little block, noting a bunch of development nearby. We also noted that a tree was growing out of the middle of the street, something you certainly don't see every day.

In the past

The tree we were talking about

It should come as no surprise that access isn't great for this block. If it were a main thoroughfare, the whole tree situation probably wouldn't have gotten so out of hand, you know? This block can only be accessed via Reno Street, which can only be accessed via the 800 block of N. Lawrence Street. Both corners of Lawrence & Reno have been redeveloped in recent years.

View of Reno St., the only entrance to Leithgow St.

Note that Reno is a cobblestone street and has a similar look to the above aerial view of Leithgow Street from a few years back. From what we understand, a developer paved over Reno at one point but was compelled to restore the street to the state we see today. Unfortunately, Leithgow Street needs a similar treatment right now, and in the worst way.

Looking north from the corner of Leithgow & Reno

Looking south from Leithgow & Reno

A view of the whole block

On the southern end of the block, the cobblestone remains intact. The rest of the block is a muddy mess. According to a neighbor that gave us the heads up about this situation, the street has been in this condition for quite some time. When it's rainy, the block looks like the photos above. When it's dry, the block takes on a dustbowl-like quality. Apparently neighbors have been calling 311 about this to no avail. Shouldn't the City step in to fix Leithgow Street?