A few years ago, construction started at 807 N. 2nd St. on a unique looking four-story mixed-use building. Then, after much of the exterior work was finished, work stopped. Two summers back, we spotted renewed construction activity at the site, with some new windows installed. Commenters confirmed that workers were back on the site. And then again, work stopped. It's been quiet on the site, from what we can tell, ever since. Last week, we passed by the building and noticed a small sign announcing that the property is for sale.

The building

For sale sign

We called the number on the sign, and learned that the owners have gotten dozens of calls on the property. The interior of the building, to our surprise, is "about 85% finished." Floors are in, drywall is hung, tile is laid, electric and plumbing are run, and so forth. Fixtures haven't been installed for the most part, though many are in the space waiting to be put in. The first floor is a roughly 1,500 sqft commercial space. The second floor is an apartment that has access to the rear yard. The third and fourth floors contain a bilevel apartment which has two decks, one with a river view and one with a city view. The owners are asking $800K for the property, and we suspect they'll get something close to their asking price.

Lot next door

To us, the good news is that this building should be purchased sometime soon and finished posthaste. While the structure is architecturally unique, that fact that it sits unfinished makes it more of an eyesore than an attractive addition to the 2nd Street corridor. And with (disappointing) plans for the long-vacant lot next door ostensibly coming to fruition soon, this stretch will soon be seeing some significant upgrades. Nice to know it should finally be catching up to the rest of 2nd Street.