Are you experiencing a little déjà vu? Because we most certainly are. In February of last year, we took you to 444 N. 3rd St. on the border of Old City and Northern Liberties, where a zoning permit indicated a subdivision for this recently revamped office property from developers Arts + Crafts Holdings. This led us to speculate that the new Parcel B on the southwestern corner of the lot could be developed. Though things look very much the same on the corner today, yet another subdivision for a different portion of the property might portend things to come.

The previous subdivision, with Parcel A to the north, with Parcel B to the southwest
The previously subdivided Parcel B, still parking despite our predictions
The current view of Parcel A, the large building and parking lot, as seen from 3rd St.
The colorful front of the building also offers some greenery

That’s right: another zoning permit for a subdivision is in store for the property. This time, however, we’re not entirely sure where the subdivision will be, as the text of the permit has been posted, but the permit itself is not yet available from what we could gather. But as we are fond of taking (occasionally) educated guesses, we divyed up this larger, northern portion of the property, previously known as “Parcel A,” into three new sections. As you can see on the map below, we have highlighted the parcel in question.

The official Parcel A is highlighted, with our speculative chunks numbered

Let’s start our guessing game with the first section above, a small surface lot at the very northwest corner of the property. It’s entirely possible that we see this as a repeat of the previous plans, with this separate parcel functioning as ambulance parking, as is the case with the first subdivision.

The view of a potential subdivision from 4th & Willow

It is our perhaps unrealistic hope that the much larger eastern parking lot will be subdivided, as this CMX-3 zoned parcel could support a rather hefty mixed-use development. And if you think that is a touch optimistic, you have to go no further than just across the street to find a project by the very same developers. While not a residential project, this office building at 461 N. 3rd St. is also home to The Winston on the ground floor, which would probably be pleased to have a larger captive audience across the way.

A look at the sprawling parking lot from 3rd & Willow
461 N. 3rd St., smiling back at us from just across the street

Again, we are still uncertain of what’s to come, but it sure would be fun to have yet another multi-family project join the busy area. You have to only take a few steps to the west to find exactly that sort of proof-of-concept, where The Keystone at 417 Callowhill St. is now well above the ground. We stopped by in December when construction was imminent, and then again earlier this year on our development voyage of the neighborhood to see the progress for this 220-unit project. The steel frame is in place for this mid-rise apartment from Linden Street Investments and designed by Bernardon, which will rise seven stories and include a 68-space garage.

View from 4th & Callowhill of The Keystone's progress
...and the contemporary future view

No matter what sort of subdivision we do eventually see for 444, we are certainly on the verge of a complete renaissance for what recently has been a something of a lost land. Fingers crossed that our rosier prediction blooms sooner rather than later, as it sure would be fun to traverse a dense, walkable 3rd Street as we traipse through this quickly evolving neighborhood.