We were creeping around the 800 block of Leithgow St. (it’s more complicated to find than you might imagine) and discovered two foundations on the southern end of the block and another foundation behind those, fronting Lawrence St.

Two foundations, ah ah ah!

A third foundation in the distance, ah, ah, ah!

It took us awhile to figure out the address of these foundations, and for about half a day we were convinced that this was the site for the long-awaited Duck Flats project (it isn’t). Eventually, we figured out that the three foundations are part of one address, 829 N. Lawrence St.

From Lawrence St., looking north. Nice new construction next door.

Again from Lawrence St., this time looking south-ish

Somewhat confusingly, the three foundations are precursors for a large, five unit development that’s getting built in the next several months. Three of the units will rise three stories out of the ground, and will include a basement and a roof deck. The other two units will also go up three stories, but will float above parking spaces on Reno St. Each unit will have an assigned parking space.

Looking at the listings for the units, whose prices range from $389K to $489K, we found some renderings for the project.

Not at all what we would have expected

Looks pretty nice

Another angle

According to the listing agent, four of the units are already under contract. The final unit remaining, #D, is a 3 story, 3 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom condo and is listed for $489K.

We’ll be sure to snap some photos once construction gets underway.