As we mentioned a couple of days ago, we were recently on the 800 block of N. Leithgow St. in Northern Liberties, snapping photos of a couple of empty lots for a future post. Along with noticing three foundations on the southern side of the block, we were reminded about a blighted building sitting on the northern end of the street that we first noticed over the summer.



First, we thought the building was related to either the structure immediately next to it, visible from Leithgow St., or the building in front of it, fronting Lawrence St. Turns out it’s neither. The building actually doesn’t front any street- it’s part of 868 N 4th St., but built on the back of the lot. The property, along with the vacant lot next to it, is owned by Oron Daskal, who also happens to own North Bowl, the popular area bar/bowling alley.

Not North Bowl

Maybe thirty feet away from 4th St.

Nearly three years ago now, the owner presented preliminary plans to NLNA to convert the building to three residential units with the addition of a fourth story. He proposed three parking spaces accessed from Leithgow St., and a social gathering patio with a landscaped garden fronting 4th St., which would still have a fence of some kind. At the time, NLNA asked Daskal to show how the project would have a positive effect on 4th St., rather than creating a blank wall on the street.

We don’t know whether there’s been any progress on this project in the past few years or whether Daskal has come to the community to present updated plans. Anyone have any news on this?

Should we hear anything new about this building, we’ll be sure to provide an update.