A reader asked us the other day whether we knew anything about the new construction taking place on the southwest corner of 2nd & Laurel. The address certainly rang a bell, and then we remembered- we last thought about this project over a year ago! Back then, a demolition notice had just gone up on an old and ugly warehouse, and long-delayed plans for new homes looked like they were finally on the way. It turns out it took almost another year before the project really got into motion. Today, framing is well underway.

Homes are under construction. There are also two foundations on Laurel Street.

As we told you way back when, plans here are for six new construction homes. Four of the homes will have a parking space, and the other two will each have two spaces. Not bad. Design on the project was done by Atrium Design, and the interesting look of the homes will be pretty much what you'd expect from these guys.

Project rendering. Four more homes will be in the rear. One-story building pictured in the rendering has been demolished, as you've probably noticed.

As you can probably tell, this project actually fronts on Laurel Street and doesn't include the properties right on the corner. Another building, pictured in the rendering, has been demolished, which we told you about long ago. Will the ongoing construction next door inspire the owners of this property to sell or build? We'd imagine that it will, but truly only time will tell. Even if it takes a few more years for that prime lot to be redeveloped, the momentum on this corner is clearly heading in the right direction.