Back in June, we told you about the Flatz@2015, a green duplex from Jeffrey Tubbs of JDT International and Rich Astrella of Star Real Estate. Not only are these gentlemen contributing to the neighborhood with a unique architectural offering, but their Urban Roots Youth Workshop taught local children all about the development and real estate business over the summer. This weekend, Tubbs and Astrella are hosting an Urban Roots fundraising event at another one of their development projects, the Flats at Girard Pointe at 1233 N 3rd St.

The Flats

The Flats at Girard Pointe, a nine unit development that the duo constructed in the East Kensington neighborhood, has been complete for awhile but for an important artistic element, the “Urban Topiary.”
Designed and executed by PrePost, LLC, the Urban Topiary consists of steel tubes covered in honeysuckle vines. The tubes run through the wooden fences surrounding the yards of the units at the Flats, bringing public art to the borders of private property.

Before and after

Looking north

Looking south

Looking close

The event takes place on Saturday, October 22nd, from 4pm – 6pm. Cocktails and snacks will be provided, and the folks from PrePost will be there to talk about their “living sculpture.” Also, guests will find out about new Urban Roots workshops and arts projects, and will be able to paint a leaf on the new mural across the street from the Flats. Even if you can’t make it to the event, we suggest checking out the Urban Topiary if you’re in the area- it’s a pretty cool and unique concept.