Whatever happened to Engine House #21 of 826 New Market Street? The classic brick and wood architecture of this 1896 building sat embedded among residential properties. Ornately carved double bay doors were big enough at the time to allow the passage of horse-drawn steam engines, while the arched, detailed and layered rooftop mimics its double entranceway. This is a great little building displaying some sweet design work. Yet, today it appears as though Engine House #21 is nowhere to be seen.

However, there are two conjoined and uniquely designed single-family homes in the works on this recently empty lot, which was once the home of Engine House #21. The construction is designed by Fish Tank architecture and is being built by Ingenco Incorporated (who also does some nice work). This is yet another addition to the unique array of buildings native to this area; case in point the other homes pictured below at Laurel and New Market Streets. Another notable addition to block, since the departure of the Engine House, is a bright and attractive mural spread against the side of I-95 at the intersection of New Market and Poplar. —Alex Graziano