1034 N. Bodine St. was purchased for $184K in 2005, a time when Liberty Walk was still being built and the Piazza was still a dream. Doesn’t look too bad in this picture from when it was on the market that year.

From 2005. Back then, they didn't have pictures with high resolution.

In the intervening years, Liberty Walk has sprung up, 8 homes have been built down Bodine St., and a new house has appeared directly to the north. Everything on the block has gone from run down and gross to sparkling and new. With one exception. 1034 N. Bodine St. has actually gone downhill. When the property was listed in 2005, it was described as needing renovation. At this point, it probably needs to be torn down.

Recent image. Ah, the joys of high resolution images! Please note the unbearably ugly new building next door


Yep, looks terrible.

The house was listed in 2006, 2007, and 2008 for $300K, $240K, and $250K respectively, but has not been placed on the market since. Not surprisingly, no one was willing to pay those exorbitant prices. Ownership has passed between different family members over those years, and the property is currently owned by Vito and Bianca Villani. We don’t know whether they’re holding out for crazy dollars or just aren’t interested in selling right now, but until they unload it, this place will continue to stick out like a sore thumb.