Nicole Cashman, CEO of Cashman Associates, has partnered up with Bart Blatstein of Tower Investments to open Arrow Swim Club to the public on May 1 at 1031 Germantown Avenue in Northern Liberties (coincidentally right near the Cashman offices. Long lunches perhaps?). This power duo has created a Delano-esque scene right in the city (something Philly can afford space-wise) for those who didn’t make the four-year waiting list at the Palm Springs-esque Lombard Swim Club (gotta’ love the Always Sunny’s shout-out) or those that don’t find the luxury in bathing on concrete with the plebeians at Queen Village’s Philadelphia Sports Club. The corner spot has been Tower Investments’ property since 2004, and it’s exciting to see Philly be able to offer this kind of thing to it’s cities denizens as most cities can’t (anything that puts us above NYC is a plus in our book).

Let’s go over the opulence. Equipped for DJs, movie screenings, yoga and cocktail parties, the 1380-square-foot pool area is also lined with private cabana’s that will be cable-ready (so you won’t have to worry about choosing between tanning and Jersey Shore reruns), Playstations and Blu-ray players. The pool is only about 4 ½ feet deep (diving isn’t sexy) and will be surrounded with Balinese lounge chairs, day beds, pool-side food and beverage servers, shaded hammocks, a fire pit and ping pong tables for guys to have an excuse to get “stray” ping pong balls near sunbathing cuties. There is an upper-level sundeck for those who want UV rays with none of the distractions and free* flavor ices and Wi-Fi (you don’t get this rich not answering e-mails). Of course there is a spa and restaurant, too. I wonder what all the poor people are doing this summer?

We are headed to the VIP party on March 2 and will report back with photos (we’ll try to save you some hors d’oeuvres). To apply for a membership, e-mail or head to the general preview party on March 3.

*Access from May 1 – September 30 is $1k and gets you access to all amenities, bragging rights and awesome FourSquare envy from your friends.