It seems like the area near One Shot Cafe has been a major construction zone forever. The Stables project, which will eventually include dozens of new construction homes, started a couple of years ago and recently came back to life in a big way after a lengthy lull. The building immediately to the north, 1109 N. American St., was previously an ugly garage until it went under construction last year.

In the past

Remember, we told you that it would be converted into a salon and an apartment, though we didn't know what it look like. Passing by recently, we noticed it was finished. Now we know what it looks like and we must say the warehousey look is a massive improvement.

Recent shot of the building

In July, DnA Salon moved from Liberties Walk to this new building. The salon is on the first two floors, and the apartment is upstairs. The garage use remains, though it doesn't look like it's being used for a car at this point. According to their website, the salon has eighteen foot ceilings, a cement floor, exposed brick, and visible steel beams. It looks pretty sweet inside.

Interior view from the DnA website

Just imagine, when the rows of new Stables homes are finished, just how many new customers this salon will have at their fingertips. And maybe George Street won't be constantly closed, to boot.

Across the street, The Stables are humming along