We've gone on the record multiple times in the last couple of years, lamenting Philadelphia's lack of movie theaters. That people who live in Rittenhouse have to travel fifteen blocks to see a first-run movie is still incomprehensible to us, and if the folks fighting the iPic plan for the Boyd get their way, this status quo seems likely to continue for the foreseeable future. Earlier this week, we learned of a plan for a new theater that certainly wouldn't solve the Center City theater problem but is still exciting in its own right. Michael Klein writes that TLA Video is looking into opening a movie theater/restaurant concept at 631 N. 6th St. in Northern Liberties.

The location for this project, if it happens, would be very interesting. The property is located just off of Spring Garden Street, immediately to the north of what we think of as the ugliest shopping center in Philadelphia. On the other side of the building, at the corner of 6th & Fairmount, new homes will be rising. Additional homes should soon follow on Fairmount, between 5th & 6th Streets. Considering all of the residential redevelopment in this neighborhood, seeing an old warehouse building maintained for commercial use would be an interesting change of pace, and it seems most appropriate here on the southwestern edge of the neighborhood.

From what we understand, plans are extremely preliminary at this time, and though the liquor license process is underway there's still a chance the project doesn't happen. We sure hope it does, as we would welcome an additional place to catch a flick in town. As would, we would imagine, lots of nearby residents.