Last fall, we told you about plans from Callahan Ward for five new homes for 309-311 Green St., a Tetris-shaped parcel with minimal frontage on Green Street, despite the address. The homes, designed by Interface Studio Architects, represented an upgrade for this property, which had been sitting vacant for many years. To refresh your memory, the project was to entail two homes on Green Street and three more homes on Galloway Street.

But somewhere along the line, the developers found a way to add seven more units to the project. Check out the site plan, which shows six additional homes immediately to the west of the three homes on Galloway, and a seventh unit carriage house floating above a drive-aisle:

Project site plan

Actually, some renderings might help understand exactly what's going on here.

Rendering on Green Street

Three homes will front Galloway Street and the carriage house

View from the drive-aisle

This project has moved at a slower pace, perhaps because the developers took the time to expand the size of the project before moving forward with construction. So far, three foundations on Galloway Street are the only sign of the project on the ground; Green Street hasn't seen any work done just yet.

Current view at Green & Galloway

Foundations on Galloway Street

Additional homes will come to the west

You can see in the images above, this is not the only project happening in this neck of the woods. Immediately to the north and west, a 27 (maybe revised down to 26?) home project is under heavy construction, with many of the homes now framed out. To the east, we've covered the numerous projects at 3rd & Green, with dozens of new homes either under construction or recently completed. And the Green and Galloway project will just add to the energy in the area, playing a small part in the ongoing residential explosion in Northern Liberties.