We were looking throught the zoning calendar for this month and we were surprised to see that the property at 614 N. Front St. is scheduled for a ZBA hearing in the coming weeks. Currently, this double wide property is half one-story building and half two-story building, though we couldn't tell you how it's been used over the years. If you appreciate the building, we suggest you visit soon because it seems it isn't long for this world.

Current view

Developers bought the property at the end of last year and are now planning a six story apartment building here, with 27 apartments and 17 parking spots on the first floor. As this project is going to the ZBA, it needs to come before Northern Liberties Neighbors Association, but we didn't find it on any neighborhood zoning meeting agenda from the last six months. It's possible we missed it though, does anyone remember a community meeting for this project? If so, can anyone tell us how it went?

Renovation to the north

This project will (assuming it gets through the ZBA) not be alone in terms of construction in the area. Immediately to the north, an existing building has gotten an addition and will ultimately have retail on the first floor and four apartments on the upper floors. To the west, next to I-95, is a much more significant project which will have 24 apartments, 8 parking spaces, and ground floor retail. We last checked in on that project a little over a year ago, just as work was getting started. There's clearly been some progress in the time that's passed since then, but we'd have thought it would be further along by now.

Building under construction to the west

Meanwhile, across the street, it appears the building at 625-29 N. Front St. is still available. We wrote about this property like three years ago, suggesting it would be an amazing location for a restaurant. But it seems nobody has jumped on it.

Building across the street

Perhaps with 50 new units appearing within half a block, someone will be inspired to take over this building. And don't forget, Festival Pier will likely be redeveloped as well, bringing additional foot traffic to this area in the coming years. Hmm… perhaps a real estate office would work over here.