Developers Callahan Ward are interested in turning a vacant, somewhat overgrown lot at 309-11 Green St., into five single-family homes designed by Interface Studio Architects. When they appeared before the Northern Liberties Neighbors Association zoning board in July, the NLNA asked developers to reappear. Once again—height was the issue, according to Larry Freedman, NLNA zoning chair. “In that zone it's really hard to get approval at the zoning board for anything over 38 feet these days,” Freedman said.

View of the property, looking east

Looking up Galloway Street

So the developers made some changes, came back last month, and got community support. Looking at the renderings, the homes look like they'll be a great addition to the area. Next it will be onto the ZBA.

Project rendering

Just the homes on Galloway St.

This is an area flush with redevelopment right now. On the other side of Galloway Street, foundations are now in place for fifteen new homes. To the north, we told you about plans for 27 new homes on the 300 block Fairmount Avenue. Moving to the east, on 3rd Street, Bellagio is constructing nine new homes. Just to the north of that, another ten homes are under construction. So what's five more? No big whoop. 

Despite the fact that it's clearly not the case, based on all this action, you'd think absolutely everyone looking for high-end new construction homes wants to live in Northern Liberties. There's a ton of development taking place all over town right now, but this area, around 3rd & Green, might be the star of the moment. Makes us wonder where the projects will spring up next.