It took a few tries but neighbors and developers have agreed upon final designs for 5 four-story residential units with roof decks on the northwest corner of 3rd & George in Northern Liberties. Construction could begin this spring, as the ZBA and permitting processes will likely occupy the remainder of the calendar year, according to architect Ted Singer of Onion Flats.

Current view

Developers for the project at 1102-06 N. 3rd Street, where there now stands a lot with a one-story garage that will be razed, appeared before members of the Northern Liberties Neighborhood Association Zoning Committee three times the past two months before they agreed on final plans. At issue was the height of the project and how it affected near neighbors’ sightlines from their homes. From the property, zoned for single family homes, one can look east down George Street and spy the sunglass lens-like tower at the Piazza.

Piazza in the distance from 3rd and George

The three addresses, 1102, 1104 and 1106 are owned by 3rd & George LLC, a group based in Drexel Hill according to the OPA. Owners acquired 1104-1106 within two weeks of each other in June 2004, and 1102 in 2010. According to Singer, developers and neighbors spoke almost every day as the final meeting approached last week as they attempted to resolve the design issues, which demonstrates developers’ willingness to work with the community and their desire to move forward with the project.

Rendering of the future

This view shows three homes fronting 3rd St. and two fronting Galloway St.

View from the west

Look for a number of Onion Flats projects in the next 12-18 months as Northern Liberties follows suit with national media reports indicating the housing market is on the up like a slowly-rising tide. And for what it’s worth, it’s always nice to see their creative concepts, which help make Northern Liberties an ever-more-interesting neighborhood for residents and visitors alike.

–Lou Mancinelli