With a few exceptions, recent projects in Northern Liberties have meant the construction of new single-family homes. But on the southeast corner of 6th & Brown, developers are considering building a new apartment building, for a change.

View at the corner

For many years, a shabby one-story commercial building has occupied 723 N. 6th St., next door to the Liberties Lofts building. We noticed, a few months ago, that the property was listed for sale at an asking price of $1.3M. This is not a crazy price, considering that the parcel measures almost 9,000 sqft, but the industrial zoning of the property means that just about any possible redevelopment proposal would need to come before the community and eventually the ZBA.

Closer look

Tonight, the developers are presenting their project to the community at a Northern Liberties Neighbors Association zoning meeting. According to an email we got from NLNA, the project would mean thirty apartments and twenty-two parking spots, we'd assume in a five-story building. We aren't sure how the neighbors or the community group will feel about the project, but from where we sit it seems like a worthwhile plan, and certainly something different than we're accustomed to seeing in the neighborhood.

Just a block to the south

If you travel a block down 6th Street, you'll notice a bunch of homes under construction, different projects we've covered previously. It's clear from these projects that there's a market for high-end new construction homes, we'd guess that there's also an appetite for new construction apartment rentals. Assuming the community and the ZBA are on board with the proposal at 6th & Brown, we'll soon find out for sure.