We've seen our share of shows at The Fire at 410-412 W. Girard Ave. over the years, though we confess we haven't set foot inside for quite some time. The famed establishment spans two buildings, with one of the rooms containing a traditional neighborhood bar and the other side featuring a small stage with room for an audience of up a hundred if fire codes are ignored. It's been in business since 1988 under the same ownership, and we cannot say we're surprised to learn that the owners are looking to make a change after all these years. Last week, the building was listed for sale for $950K.

The Fire

Image of the bar

Music venue

The bar is still operating today, and according to the listing, this would be a turnkey sale. The price includes everything inside the building, as well as the liquor license, which would sell for close to $200K in the current market. In addition there's a pair of two-bedroom apartments upstairs, just in case the person buying the business wants to either defray their costs by renting out those units or make themselves miserable by living above their business. Another possibility might be to sell off the liquor license and the equipment inside and build a new mixed-use building at this corner, but we don't see how those numbers would work, given the desired purchase price.

So what do you think? Have you ever wished you could own your own tavern / music venue on West Girard Avenue, next door to a fire station? With tons of new residents coming to this area, both in Northern Liberties and South Kensington, we can see how this will become an even more worthwhile location as the years roll along. If you decide to buy it though, it'll be up to you to determine whether it's at its best in its current condition, or if some moderate to significant renovation might help improve the bottom line.