If you've passed by 2nd & Green lately, you've surely noticed that two extra stories have appeared atop the building on the northwest corner. We actually covered this building once before several years ago, when Novacare Rehabilitation was planning to open a location on the first floor.

In the past

We initially thought that the addition was some kind of roof deck which would either serve the ground-floor business or the residents of the apartments on the building's upper floors. The fact that we couldn't easily find permit information made us more confident about this idea. Over the weekend though, we actually walked up to the building and spied a posted permit indicating that the two new floors will include two new apartment units.

Current view

Looking at the addition, head-on

We're not entirely clear on the layout of the new units. Maybe they'll both sit on the 5th floor, with sweet roof decks on the 6th, or it's possible that one will cover the 5th floor alone and the 6th floor will be another unit with some architectural flourish, or perhaps the units will each be split between the new floors. While the details remain fuzzy, we can say with great certainty that this building with an addition will be a neat architectural gateway to the 2nd Street commercial corridor. We hoped that the new Penn Herb building would have a similar impact, but it's a little too stubby in our estimation to have the desired impact.

Penn Herb building across the street

What do you think?