Back in November, we told you all about the proposed pizza place at 900 N 4th St., in the space formerly occupied by Almanac Market. To review: Joe Beddia, one of the minds behind Zavino, made a proposal to the community at an NLNA zoning meeting. His plans were apparently not totally fleshed out, and the community didn’t support the concept, citing possible parking, odor, and noise problems. Not sure we understand why the hubbub over a corner pizza place, but hey, we weren’t at the meeting.

Has nuisance written all over it

Fast forward a few months, and a new concept is gearing up to take over this space. Cafe Chismosa, a Latin-inspired cafe, looks like they’re maybe a week or two away from throwing the doors open and welcoming all comers. According to their Facebook page, they’ll have the normal cafe stuff like coffee, espresso, and juices, but are thinking outside the box with their food offerings, with ceviches, tortas, and tostadas. They also will be selling rubs, marinades, salsas, dips for customers looking to spice up their home cooking.

Construction photo. Yikes.

A more recent shot. Looks awesome.

Northern Liberties has a plethora of coffee shops, and we were initially were wondering whether yet another shop could succeed in the neighborhood. Considering the efforts that they’re making to differentiate themselves in terms of food offerings, however, we’re inclined to believe that they can make it work, despite the competition. We imagine the close neighbors are on board- who wouldn’t want to live really close to a coffee shop? Right?

Well, unless the parking, odors, or noise become a problem.