Well this is embarrassing. We could have sworn we told you about plans for new homes at 609 N. 3rd St. at some point in the past. But alas, we never did. So today we're trying to make amends with some details on a project that's already under construction.

Remember earlier this week when we told you about plans for nine new homes at 613-25 N. 3rd St. which would replace half a surface parking lot? This project, from Bellagio Homes, is eliminating the southern half of said parking lot. Actually, it already has.

A couple weeks back

When the project is done, there will be four new homes fronting 3rd Street and four new homes fronting Bodine Street. The homes will all have rear parking, accessed via a drive-aisle on 3rd Street. Cars will come in and out on 3rd Street, which might be the reason the Bodine Street homes are the first phase under construction. Check out the renderings:

Project rendering

It's like raaaaain in a rendering

Architects Fusa Designs put together a really interesting image which shows the layout of the homes in a more intuitive way than a floor plan.

Sectional view of a home

Already, at least one of the homes is under agreement at a list price of $789,900. We would have to imagine that the prices are going to go up once construction is finished, if any units remain. So get in while the going is good, folks, and it could be your kid riding their bike on Bodine Street, as is pictured above. It does make us wonder though, will the market for high-end homes in this neighborhood continue to burn so bright? Or will some project somewhere down the line start to struggle to find buyers? At least for now, it seems, we haven't reached that point. Developers in the neighborhood are surely hoping we never do.